October 26, 2022

Vivian & Nilson – Wedding at the Lizboa boat

couples, wedding

On a slightly cold autumn day in 2021, Vivian and Nilson invited a few close friends to witness the celebration of their love in a beautiful town hall in Amsterdam. As it usually goes in The Netherlands, the civil wedding itself was quick and simple but full of love and emotion, and was followed by some photos with the wedding party and a small couple's session just outside the town hall.

Later that day, on a beautiful docked steam boat by the waters of river IJ, even more friends and loved ones gathered for a delightful and romantic dinner party – and also for a very special surprise the couple had prepared. I had the honour to document both the civil ceremony and a bit of the party, and here are some highlights of both these sessions. I hope you enjoy!

P.S.: by the couple's request, I avoided sharing photos where the guests' faces are clearly visible.

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